A new addiction has arrived on Earth. Aliens & Rockets now on an iPad near you.

Players battle for Planet Orph in addicting multiplayer game

The iPad is, among other things, a great gaming device. Especially huddle games are great fun with family or friends. Dutch app developer Innovatio today launched the game “Aliens & Rockets”. A simple and addictive multiplayer game in which players have to eliminate each other with their rockets. Aliens & Rockets can be played with up to 4 friends.


In a galaxy not so far away, four Aliens discover a planet called Orph. They all want to colonize the new planet. Enter the battle for planet Orph. A fight that takes place in mid air. May the best Alien win!


Aliens & Rockets is extremely fun to play with friends, family or collegues. Pick your favorite Alien and start the battle. Defeat your enemies to conquer planet Orph. Use your rocket to corner your opponents. Various powerups like shields and missles offer an extra dimension to the gameplay. Use them to enlarge your chance of winning. Aliens & Rockets is the perfect game for parties, holidays, family get-togethers, offices, schools and rainy afternoons.


In singleplayer mode you fight Mister Evil. He is one angry alien that wants it all. He arrives on planet Orph to harvest the planet for evil purposes. Pick your favorite alien & fight him in the air to prevent this from happening. Various powerups like shields and missles offer an extra dimension to the gameplay. Use them to enlarge your chance of winning. Beat your own personal highscore and set a new world record!


Aliens & Rockets will cost €0,- for the first week it's available. Free in other words. In week 2 the price will rise to €0,89. In week 3 the price tag will rise even higher: To €1,79. After this period, Innovatio will determine the final pricetag of the app by comparing the revenue of the different price points. The price tag that delivered the most revenue will become the final price tag.

"This could become the next Angry Birds. Super fun game. Great for the holidays to play with family and friends." Denise B.
About Innovatio

Innovatio is a developer of iPhone and iPad apps based in The Netherlands. The game “Achtung” was their first iPad app and is being played in more than 70 countries worldwide. Innovatio developed “Taxi Hold’em” in 2008, a gimmick app for getting a cab on crowded streets. In 2009 Innovatio launched the app “Aanbieding”, a supermarket-discount app for the Dutch market. It was the the nr. 1 paid app for a few months in The Netherlands.

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