Netherlands | Published on: May 28, 2012
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Download the free Zozulica app to cheer on your national team during the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship!
Remember the Vuvuzela? Meet its sister, the Zozulica. A traditional Ukrainian flute that will be this years noisemaker in the stadiums. And of course there’s an app for that.

The Zozulica is a little clay whistle, shaped like a cuckoo. As we speak, the unofficial mascot is being produced in large quantities by factories in Ukraine and Poland. For those that wish to save their breath or don’t want to carry around a flute in their pocket, there is now a free app that produces the Zozulica sound for you.

Simply pick your national team and favorite melody and let your iPhone play the Zozulica. A quick and easy way to cheer on your team during Euro Soccer championship 2012. (Or to annoy your friends)

The Zozulica app is a free download in the Appstore. Available for iPhone & iPad. 


The “Zozulica” app is a product by Astral Vision & Innovatio.
Astral Vision is responsible for the technical development of the app and Innovatio created the design and interface. 


Once the Zozulica app gets banned from stadiums, we consider it a success.

— Aldert Greydanus